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Welcome to the UMass Center for Health Equity Intervention Research (CHEIR)!

CHEIR is a partnership between UMass Worcester and UMass Boston. The goal is to develop innovative solutions to eliminate health disparities and equip the next generation of researchers to better serve vulnerable populations.  Central to CHEIR’s work is the use of storytelling as a tool to build research literacy and promote racial and ethnic health equity. We seek to develop culturally-responsive and literacy sensitive interventions in partnership with the populations affected by the disparities and the community-based organizations that serve them.

The overarching aim of CHEIR is to reduce the impact of health disparities by:

  • Developing interventions, such as storytelling, that are tailored to deep cultural structure and literacy

  • Focusing on strategies that engage the full spectrum of helpers available to patients

  • Engaging vulnerable populations in the settings that serve them

  • Infusing education and bi-directional academic-community learning throughout

SEED Symposium - Postponed to 2015!

We are still accepting SEED Talks!

The Synthesis Engagement and Elevation to Eliminate Disparities (SEED) Symposium uses cutting-edge approaches to generate new findings and resources to eliminate health disparities.  Sponsored by the UMass Center for Health Equity Intervention Research (CHEIR), the themes for the Symposium are rooted in CHEIR’s overall approach to achieving health equity:  multidisciplinary focus, multiple levels of intervention, culturally-responsive practices, and the use of storytelling as a research tool.

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